Nancy watching Parade

oil - 1969


Teri in Field

oil pastel - 1972

This is also based on a photograph. However, I was actually standing next to the garage - not in a field.  It was a carefully posed photograph in which I was told to look slightly downward with a pensive expression.  He then painted in a rural background scene, possibly from his imagination.

Teri Pouring Tea

oil - 1970

Many of dad’s paintings were based on photographs, and he had a nice Olympus camera to capture his subjects.  I remember posing for the photos upon which this painting is based.  I stood at the kitchen table pouring tea - over, and over, and over.  My tiny 10-year-old arm got tired!  While creating the painting, dad lamented that I had been wearing that shirt with the tiny flowers when he took the photo and how tedious it was to paint all those flowers.  Note the reflection of our sliding glass patio doors on the glass pitcher.  This pitcher with a reflective element also appears in the still life entitled “Pitchers with Reflections”.


Karen with Flowers

oil - 1970's


Karen in Blue Jacket

oil - 1968


Nancy with Viola and Dog

oil - 1972